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Bagged Cement or Ready Mix Concrete in Southeast Michigan

Are you a homeowner in the Detroit area of southeast Michigan that is ready to undertake a concrete project around your home? Possibly, you want to pour a concrete patio or a driveway. Maybe you need to replace a section of sidewalk. Whatever your project that involves cement or ready mix concrete, National Block and Ready Mix is here to help you with all of the materials or tools that you will need to successfully complete your project.

We offer ready mix concrete delivered right to home or job site in quantities of one yard or greater in the Detroit area of southeast Michigan. We offer ready mix concrete in a variety of strengths so that you always have the right mix for whatever it is that you are building. We also offer special color mixing of ready mix concrete for that decorative look that you desire. In addition to finding all of the tools that you will need to finish your concrete, our in house staff of experts can advise you on the best methods to help you complete your project. We will help you to determine the right amount of ready mix concrete needed for the area that you need to cover so that you never have too much or too little ready mix for the job that you are doing. We can advise you on every aspect of pouring your ready mix concrete. Everything from how to build the right base, to reinforcing your project with steel rods, to how to properly set your forms. Where or when to use expansion joints and how to help get the right cure for your new concrete.

If your project is a little smaller in scope and you need bagged cement, we carry a full line of bagged cements. Each type of cement has is own properties and using the right type of bagged cement will help to assure that you get the job done right and that your creation will stand the test of time. Just as with ready mix concrete as mentioned above, we offer expert guidance for your project. We have all of the necessary tools that you will need and we offer color mixes that you can add to your bagged cement mixture to create a special custom look for your project.

If you need make repairs to existing cement or concrete, we offer a variety of products to help you make repairs the right way. We'll help you to fill in cracks or make other repairs to existing concrete no matter where the concrete is located. If you have water seepage though a basement wall, we have the bagged cement products that you will need to repair the fault and stop whatever water is seeping in. If you need to top dress an area of concrete, we have the bagged cement products that will allow you to redress your cement. If you need self leveling cement products, we have those too.

When you need to install new cement or ready mix concrete, or when you need to make repairs to existing concrete, think of National Block and Ready Mix for all of your ready mix concrete or bagged cement products. Think of us as your guiding expert with years of field tested and applied techniques to help you get the job done easily and the right way the first time. Think of us for all of the cement finishing tools that you will need for finishing your project, whether it's a cement or concrete repair or a brand new installation.

Stop by our Westland location, give us a call or use our handy contact form to let us know how we can best serve you.

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