Block Michigan - Brick Michigan

National Block of Michigan and Ready-Mix has come a long way since 1946 when four childhood friends decided to go into business. The four veterans of World War II returned home and started a concrete block operation on a scale that resembled a cottage industry. Their inspiration came from an old immigrant Czech Farmer who was making block one at a time with a Sears Catalog purchased block mold.

National Block Michigan specializes in concrete, brick, architectural block, cultured stone, natural stone, brick and masonry supplies, pavers and segmented retaining walls.

What is the difference between Block masons and Stone masons?

Block masons, Brick masons, Bricklayers - Block masons, Brick masons, Bricklayers use masonry panels, casts, blocks, and other materials to construct and maintain walls, exteriors, fireplaces, walkways, etc, out of brick. Some focus exclusively on laying industrial furnaces´┐Ż firebrick linings. Brick masons use a variety of procedures in their work. Using a corner lead means that masons create a pyramid structure of bricks, called a lead, in the four corners. Leads are extremely difficult to construct and require meticulous and skilled masons. After the leads are complete junior masons then draw a line connecting the leads to show where each line of bricks, called a course, will go to fill in the wall.

Stone masons - Stonemasons generally work at community or professional buildings where they construct floors, fences, walls, or exteriors. They use many types of stone, including both natural cut stone like granite, limestone, and marble; and manmade stone constructed from concrete, bits of marble. Many stonemasons cut their own stone. Cutting stone is difficult work that requires precise tools. Using specially constructed hammers and chisels they follow the natural grain of the stone to create the shape desired. Stonecutters may use a special diamond-bladed saw to cut through particularly hard and valuable pieces of stone. Many masons specialize in an area like cutting marble. Masons of all types not only build with stone or brick, they also maintain, repair, and replace their handiwork.

Brick and block paving

Brick and block paving is a hugely rewarding Job but, like most jobs in the Building Industry, one that requires good preparation to get the best job done. What you see on the surface is only as good as the preparation and its all too easy to end up with dips and hollows that collect water and spoil the outlook you envisioned. Block paving needs to be surrounded by something to give a firm edge. The edges of any paving are the most vulnerable. At National Block Michigan, we will ensure that the vision you look for wil be to your satisfactory.

When you are looking for Block in Michigan or Brick in Michigan , let National Block take care of all of your block or brick needs.