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High Strength Veneer Anchor

High Strength Veneer AnchorHB-213-HS is a High-Strength Veneer Anchor System for heavy-duty applications. It combines the HB-213 and the Mighty-Lokā„¢, a 1/4″ diameter, heavy-duty pintle that is flattened and then serrated for superior bonding with mortar.

  • Ideal for usage when the offset of engagement between pintle and anchor is greater than 1-1/4″. Standard leg length will accommodate up to 2″ offset while maintaining sufficient strength.
  • Longer leg lengths are available on special order, subject to loading requirements. (Note: ACI 530 section 6.2 indicates maximum offset of 1-1/4″ for standard 3/16″ diameter pintle.)
  • Also ideal for wide cavity conditions, where a standard 3/16″ pintle would not satisfy load requirements. (Note: ACI 530 section 6.2 indicates maximum allowable span of 4-1/2″ for standard 3/16″ diameter pintles.)
  • The L-shaped plate section has numerous ribs for added strength and 9/32″ holes for connecting screws.
  • The eyelets allow pintle insertion (1 1/4″ maximum allowable eccentricity) and are sized to prevent in-and-out movement beyond allowable tolerances.
  • Suitable for 3/8″ mortar joints.

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