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Cement or Concrete Building Blocks in Southeast Michigan

Are you a homeowner in the Detroit area of southeast Michigan that is ready to embark upon a building project using concrete blocks? Are you constructing a small out building that requires strength opr possibly a foundation wall that you would prefer to have constructed from cement blocks rather than just poured concrete? National Block of Westland, Michigan has the cement blocks that you will need to complete your project. Additionally we carry cement blocks in a variety of sizes or styles that will allow you to build whatever it is that you intend to build with the right type of cement block.

Cement blocks are often confused with the term "cinder blocks". While cement blocks are made of pure concrete, cinder blocks, which are not used as often as they once were due to lower strength compared to cement blocks are made of a mixture of cement and coal cinders. At National Block of Westland, Michigan we offer cement blocks to make sure that what you are building using our cement blocks has the greatest strength and long lasting durability. This is good news for the homeowner that wants to build something that will last and at the same time offer superior strength.

We offer you a variety of cement blocks in different sizes so you will always have the ability to choose the right cement block for the project that you are working on. Cement blocks may be used in many different projects around the home and their use is not limited to just building walls or structural foundation support. Use your imagination and dream up whatever project that you may have in mind that may require the use of plain concrete. As an example, you might want to outline or curb a path using cement blocks rather than simple concrete or you could use cement blocks to build the base of a sitting area bench. With their strength and durabilty, cement blocks are rapidly becoming the material of choice for many homeowners or builders throughout metro Detroit.

Cement blocks are also being used to build in lieu of the use of wood. There are a couple of reasons for this. Cement, by its very nature is one the oldest building materials on earth. Cement blocks are cement, yet don't require the use of forms to hold the material in place while it is being constructed. Cement blocks are stackable and when laid properly will create a strong load bearing structure. Cement blocks are resistant to fire, while wood burns quicly and easily. With the huge increases in lumber prices in recent years, cement blocks may be more inexpensive than using milled lumber. Cement blocks can also be reinforced for greater strength by using rebar to form a sort of skeleton for whatever you're building. Cement blocks help to maintain energy efficiency due to the hollow core air pockets that they maintain. This hollow core may also be filled with a foam type of insulation or may be filled with other materials, such as concrete, to provide even greater strength.

For more information, including expert advice on how to use cement blocks in your home construction project, contact National Block. We have experts on our staff and at your disposal to help determine how to best put cement blocks into use in your next home construction building project in the Detroit area of southeast Michigan.

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