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Michigan Concrete Association
National Block and Ready Mix is a member of the Michigan Concrete Association. Please consult the vast resources from their website at for answers to your technical questions.

Useful information is also available from National Ready Mix Concrete Association, learn more from concrete in practice found under popular links at their website at

Stamped Concrete:

Stamping ConcreteConcretes versatility lends itself to many different types of finishes. Virtually any type of impression can be made to the surface of the concrete. Let us provide you with one of our reliable, experienced contractors. They will assist you with your stamped concrete project.

Please give our staff a call at 734-721-4056 and we will recommend a choice of contractors for you to choose from.

Reinforced Concrete:

Fibers introduced into a load of concrete will help control shrinkage and cracks. They are easy to use and eliminates the need for wire mesh.

Reinforced Concrete a Better Alternative!

For Residential Driveways Fibermesh 150
Fibermesh 150Click for more information
For Commercial Purposes Steel Fibers
DramixClick for more information

Colored Concrete:

“Integral concrete coloring is an asset to any concrete project. It offers a unique approach to architectural as well as aesthetic applications. We carry a complete line of integral concrete colors. We are a distributor of the Solomon Grind  System.  Refer to the color chart for a sample of the colors we have available. You may also contact our staff who will forward a color chart to you for your personal use.

Concrete Mixes:

Concrete is the greatest and most used building material in the world. It is utilized in virtually every type of construction. The most common applications range from Residential Foundations, Driveways, Patios, Pole Barns, Pools, Roads, Bridges and Commercial Buildings. Because of its versatility, it is the Design Professionals’ material of choice.

Concrete generally consists of stone, sand, a cement mixture with water and specified admixes for durability and finishing ability.Concrete is usually ordered in “bag mixes”. A bag of cement weighs 94 lbs. The minimum bag mix is 4.5 bags per cubic yard which would be used for residential foundations. Concrete driveways normally contain 6 bags per cubic yard. The bag content can be increased for higher strengths and earlier set times such as winter construction.

National Ready-Mix, Inc. meets and exceeds the highest requirements of the National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association. Our talented staff is also certified by the Michigan Concrete Association as well as the American Concrete Institute. Our staff not only meets the minimum requirements necessary, but in most cases has achieved the highest certification available.

Please contact our personnel who eagerly wish to talk to you regarding your concrete needs. When you call you will speak directly to an individual qualified to answer your questions.