National BlockAdd Security and Beauty to Your Home

Glass Block PanelsGlass block panels use natural and artificial light to provide beautiful and dramatic effects. They also add a distinctive visual appeal to your home. Also, they can be installed in a basement, entryway, kitchen, bathroom, family room, living room or anywhere you choose! By installing these panels you will enhance your home security with a safe and secure window!

Why Choose Glass Block Panels?

At National Block, we sell Pittsburgh Corning glass block panels. Pittsburgh Corning has manufactured these for over 60 years, with proven security and performance. Also, the panels are available prefabricated and you can choose standard or custom sizes. Furthermore, Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Panel is the number 1 brand used by consumers, architects and builders. They are rated number 1 in quality, color, clarity, and consistency.

Pittsburgh Corning glass block panels are American-made and come with a warranty. Providing overall value with a long term commitment to your satisfaction. By using glass block panels you eliminate the need for storm windows and reduce the costs for heating and air conditioning. Another advantage is they are easy to maintain by simply hosing down the outside and wipe the inside lightly with a damp cloth.

If you would like to learn more or place an order for glass block panels, call National Block today at 734-721-4056!