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Homeowners Build Retaining Walls in Southeast Michigan

Thinking about building a retaining wall for your property in southeast Michigan? National Block offers retaining wall blocks that are built to last and with the unique design of our line of retaining wall block that we offer you can be assured that when you build your retaing wall that it will stand the test of time.

Our retaining wall blocks are designed to allow you to add creativity to your retaining wall too. Instead of offering just one size of retaing wall brick that will only fit together when using the same sized brick, we offer varying sizes of retaining wall brick to allow variation and add interest to your retaining wall. This means no more bland designs. Now your retaining wall can be as individual as your imagination allows. Our retaining wall blocks are also avaialble in different facings to allow even more creativity in your retaining wall construction

We offer the Mesa line of retaining wall bricks which have been designed to hold together better than most standard tyes of retaining wall brick. This improved design provides greater strength, allowing you to build a retaining wall that is taller than most other types of retaining wall brick while still holding in place all of the soil that needs to be held in place.

Have you driven around the Detroit area and observed some of the great looking retaining walls that are along some of our roads? Have you noticed too that these reatining walls seem to have very little angle to them and that they seem to be almost perfectly straight comapred to other retaining walls that look like they were built on an angle? If so, then most likely, what you are seeing is the Mesa line of retaining wall brick offered by National Block. With its improved design and locking mechanisms, the Mesa line of retaining wall brick does not need to be angled to be strong, providing you with the ability to build a retaining wall that is very close to being straight at even the tallest points.

With their combined versatility in design and strength, we think that our retaining wall blocks should be the choice of homeowners building retaining walls around garden, flower or shrub beds or for larger projects where you need to hold back an area of sloping land. Take a look at our retaining wall bricks and we think that you will quickly argee that the Mesa line of retaing wall bricks offered by National Block in the Detroit area of southeast Michigan is the the solution that you need when you want to build a retaining wall of any size.

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