Glass Block Windows Michigan

Whether you�re looking for basement or bathroom glass block windows at National Block, we have the sizes, styles and prefabricated panels to match your needs. Choose from glass, acrylic, or vinyl framed blocks for your home or to replace old factory windows.

Some of the finer features of basement and bathroom glass block windows is that they offer increased security and safety, the windows are prefabricated and mortared into foundations making it difficult and time consuming to break in. Glass Block Windows reduce heating and cooling costs and reduce the amount of maintenance time, there is no need to re-caulk year after year. Glass Block Windows are easy to operate and open. Glass Block Windows also increase privacy, with several privacy patterns it can be virtually impossible to look through a glass block window and improve air flow � Air vents, removable sash windows, and power vents can be used to make your home fresher and reduce the risk of mold.

Basement Glass Block Windows - When it comes to basement windows, there�s nothing more practical than glass block windows. Glass block windows are weather tight and maintenance-free. It lets in the sun but keeps burglars out. Installing glass block windows is nearly foolproof�if you use pre assembled glass block panels. Glass block panels come ready to install, with the blocks mortared together and secured with a metal band. All you have to do is set the panel in place and pack mortar in around it. If you need any assistance with glass block windows in Michigan, National Block is here for you.

Bathroom Glass Block Windows - Our bathroom Glass Block Windows design is the perfect solution for the old, heavily used, small bathroom that you can never quite get clean enough. Bathroom Glass Block Windows are waterproof and you will not have window damage in your shower as in conventional windows. They are easy to clean and will allow the light in and provide privacy. Remember to contact National Block with any questions about glass block windows in Michigan

The limitless design possibilities with our many glass block windows and glass block patterns and glass block size options. From traditional to contemporary, our glass block windows can enhance any room. Glass block windows offers flexibility, with different degrees of light transmission and privacy.

Glass block windows Michigan are ideal for rooms where natural light is desired but added ventilation is not necessary, and they are available in a number of styles and track colors. From glass block patterns that provide privacy, to blocks of glass that provide a crystal clear view, you will find a variety to meet your needs.

Decorative Glass Block Windows Michigan are available in a variety of patterns and shapes to compliment your home decor and window size needs. They are easy to install, energy-efficient, low maintenance, and eliminate the need for window treatments.

Operable Acrylic Glass Block Windows Michigan allow you to see your home in ways you never thought possible. Imagine the convenience and open-air feel of an operable window, combined with the beauty of block.

Decorative Glass Block windows Michigan provide the classic beauty of beveled leaded glass in an energy-efficient unit with a low-maintenance vinyl frame. Glass is triple glazed: tempered glass inner and outer panes protect the decorative camed (leaded) pane in the center while providing thermal efficiency. Privacy is provided by the obscure glass pattern, making them ideal for bath, spa, stairway and kitchen applications. Available in a variety of shapes, patterns and caming colors to complement any decor.

Decorative glass windows Michigan provide beauty and privacy with colored and patterned glasswork. They are most commonly used in entryways, stairways and bathrooms. Decorative glass block windows may be stained, frosted, beveled or a combination. The decorative glass window panels are between plain glass panes to limit potential exposure to lead solder and to increase energy efficiency.

When you are looking for your custom Decorative Glass Block Windows, Michigan Decorative Glass, let National Block take care of all of your Decorative Glass Block Window needs.

Glass block windows Michigan will take care of your decorative glass needs.

So for your Glass Block Windows needs, please contact National Block or call us at 734-721-4057 for more details.