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Buy Brick or Block Directly from the Manufacturer in Southeast Michigan

Looking for brick in southeast Michigan to build your next project around the house? Ready to build an addition, or maybe a brick barbecue? Whatever your project, National Block of Westland, Michigan is a brick manufacturer and can fill your needs for brick in a variety of architectural styles, including several different types of glass brick or glass block. We offer bricks in many different shapes and sizes to allow you to use your imagination when creating any type of brick wall. All of the brick that we offer comes in several standard colors too. So matching your current color scheme should be easy. Or, in the event that you don't find the color that you want or need, we can custom mix a color just for your project.

We offer several styles of glass brick too. Now you can replace those old basement windows with beautiful glass brick. You may want to create a divider wall within your home or possibly build a glass brick bar or other feature using glass brick. Glass brick makes a great shower surround too. In fact glass brick could be used to build outdoor features too. Let your imagination go to work and mix and match different styles of glass brick with your decided upon architectural brick to create a truly outstanding and unique feature or wall around your home.

National Block is a manufacturer of all sorts of bricks for all of your building needs, We offer architectural brick. Brick for building foundations or basement walls. Cement brick for a more commercial or industrial use. Bricks for creating retaining walls. Glass brick for safety, beauty or security around your home or specialty brick for your particular application in southeast Michigan.

We understand that all of the major home improvement stores have been very effective in their advertising and most people automatically think of visiting one of these big box types of stores when they need brick. We're sure that they have a pretty good selection of brick and that they will try to make it very convenient for you to buy your brick from them. But, before you make the trip to the home improvement store for brick, stop by our manufacturing facility and customer showroom for some expert advice on how to to make the best use of your brick and while you're here, take a look at all of the different types and styles of brick that we manufacture and sell.

Make sure that your project doesn't end up as "just another brick in the wall". Make your brick stand out, make it expressive of you. Show the world just how outstanding the use of brick can be, whether it's architectural brick, glass brick or retaining wall brick that you are using. National Block wants to be your brick supplier in the Detroit area of southeast Michigan.

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